Ayodelè C. O'Uhuru

Hello everyone, thank you for stopping by! For now here is my landing page. Check back for more information in the future!

My research interests include impacts from climate change, wildlife conservation, and spatial modeling. I am most interested in applied science, and projects that allow for science communication between communities, researchers, scientists, and managers.

I obtained my Master of Science Degree at UMass Amherst (Sept 2022) and will be continuing my PhD here as well! My Masters research focused on identifying which introduced plant species could become invasive due to change in climate using current and future climate projection models, specifically in the Northeastern (New England + New York) part of the U.S.

My PhD research focuses on bats, wildlife conservation, science communication, and spatial modeling!

Currently, I am a U.S Fish & Wildlife Pathways Intern, working with the North American Bat Monitoring Program (NABat) at the USFWS Region 5 Office in Hadley MA!